Alconbury Parish Councillors come from all walks of life, are of different ages and reflect different interests in the village – from the needs of parents with toddlers to the needs of the retired and anybody in-between! Our job is to represent the interests of the community and to meet our mission statement.

Most Parish Councils were established in 1894 by an Act of Parliament and though we have fewer duties than District and County Councils we do have various legal powers and importantly – greater freedom to choose what action we may wish to take. We can also aim to influence other decision makers and can deliver services to meet local needs.

Over the years Alconbury Parish Council has had an excellent record of supporting major village initiatives, which have been of great benefit to many parishioners. A few examples – in the space of 100 years we supported the building of two village halls; the provision of a weekly meeting place and lunch club for the elderly – the Thursday Club held in the Sports and Social Club; we also supported the purchase of the playing fields used by footballers and cricketers of all ages; we promoted and supported the development of Alconbury Allotments; we raised 10’s of thousands of pounds to improve the Bramble End playground; and we have planted a community orchard. We continue to support local groups with donations to help their activities and encourage all village groups to seek funds for their work.

Alconbury Parish Council meets most months of the year. Meetings are nearly always held on the last Tuesday of the month in the Memorial Hall on School Lane at 7.30pm. Meetings are scheduled in advance with the agenda for each meeting published in advance on the Parish Council notice board outside the Post Office and on the website.  Meetings are open to the public and public participation is actively encouraged.  At the start of each meeting there is an open forum during which members of the public may address the Parish Council regarding any item that appears on the agenda.  If they wish to raise other matters, they should contact the Parish Clerk by phone, email or letter outside of the meeting.  If a topic arises during the meeting on which a member of the public wishes to speak, the Chairman may at his/her discretion, allow them to express their views.

There is also an Annual Parish Meeting where we report on the previous year and publish the accounts of the relevant year. These tell you how we spent the money provided to us, by you, through the Council Tax.  These accounts are also available for any member of the public to see and further details about this is provided on the Parish Council notice board at the appropriate time of year and on the Accounts page of this website.

What happens at all our meetings is also published in the Minutes, which are posted on our notice board, normally within a week of each meeting and published on our website.
We occasionally also hold extra public meetings on topics that we consider of interest to and of benefit to the wider community and in these cases we aim to post a letter through every door in the village advising you of the subject matter, date, venue and time.  We also publish the information on this website.

The Parish Council can be contacted at any time by various other means:
By contacting our Parish Clerk through the Contact form. (Please respect normal office hours.)

Any Councillor by phone, letter or e-mail

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