05/05/2022Notice of Uncontested Parish Council Elections
05/05/2022Notice of Election of District Councillors
05/05/2022Notice of Election of Parish Councillors
20/03/2022The Queen’s Green Canopy – ‘Plant a tree for the Jubilee
01/11/2021To Group or not to Group
20/07/2021Exercise of Public Rights Notice 2021
20/06/2021Flood Plan Updates:
Floodplan product user manual
Storage Solutions
14/01/2021Vacination Briefing, FAQ Social Media Messages
07/12/2020COVID-safe Winter Phase 1 Social media toolkit for partners
05/10/2020190128 Permitting Summary Alconbury
07/09/2020Community Reassurance – Get Ready, Stay Ready
Proposed Temporary closure of:
Middle Street & Little Lane, Great Gransden
School Lane, Alconbury & Mayfields Crescent

To support social distancing outside Barnabas Oley; Alconbury Primary & Hartford Junior schools from 7 September 2020 between 08:30 – 09:30 & 14:45 – 15:30, Monday to Friday Term time only
04/08/2020Revised Library at home service
30/04/2020Protecting our Flood Warning Service Coronavirus Communities
01/03/2020Roadworks Bulletin
25/02/2020Notice of Intended Entry onto the land adjacent to Alconbury Brook
02/01/2020Crown Gardens Alconbury Letter To Residents
01/01/2020Roadworks Bulletin
13/12/2019Alconbury and Ellington Brooks Flood Warning Areas briefing note
12/12/2019Notice of Election of a District Councillor
11/11/2019A14 Monthly Newsletter October-November 2019
01/11/2019Roadworks Bulletin
16/10/2019Roadworks Bulletin
01/10/2019Roadworks Bulletin
14/10/2019Proposed Temporary Traffic Order Woolley Road
10/10/2019Highway Events Diary
16/09/2019Roadworks Bulletin
03/09/2019A14 Monthly Newsletter August-September 2019
01/08/2019Highway Events Diary
31/07/2019A1(M) Major Maintenance 2019 Revised
29/06/2019Armed Forces Day
01/06/2019Tour of Cambridge
13/05/2019A14C2H Digital Channels Poster
01/02/2019Alconbury Rights of Way February 2019
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